Why Do Ordinarily Peaceful People Become Violent and Aggressive While Drunk?

Maybe this explains Gibson's behaviour? (Or maybe there is never an excuse to his shocking actions?)

(Telegraph) A gene that could explain why the red mist descends

A “red mist” gene that could be responsible for ordinarily peaceful people becoming violent and aggressive while drunk has been identified by scientists.

The team of researchers have found a genetic mutation in the brain that may contribute to violently impulsive behaviour under the influence of alcohol. The researchers sequenced the DNA of a number of impulsive volunteers and compared those sequences with DNA from an equal number of non-impulsive people. They found that a single DNA change that blocks a gene known as HTR2B was predictive of highly impulsive behaviour.

The gene affects serotonin production and detection in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter known to influence many behaviours, including impulsivity.

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