Who Cares if You Look Like Adriana Lima… What’s Your Ratio?

Kate Moss and actress Jessica Alba have the perfect 0.7 waist-to-hip ratio.

And all this time, who knew females were obsessing over the wrong thing??  According to studies done by researchers from New Zealand, female attractiveness is often determined not by their boobs, butt, legs, or even face, but by the waist-to-hip ratio!

Researchers showed men pictures of women in which their hips, waists, and busts were digitally altered to various dimensions; they found that how attractive the men rated the photos was most influenced not by the women’s particular body parts or even their faces, but by the women’s waist-to-hip ratio, with 70 percent being the ideal.  The 70 percent ratio applied to women of all body types, from Marilyn Monroe to Jessica Alba. To read more on this, click here.

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