What is ‘Partner Betweenness’ and Why You Need to Know

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(Time Healthland) Study: A Guy’s Bromances May Help Keep Sex With His Wife Alive

By Tara Thean Wednesday, August 10, 2011 |4 Comments

Masculinity is a delicate flower. Easily wilted, it needs constant care and nurturing, as any wife or girlfriend of a man well knows. And that may mean keeping a distance from a man’s friends.

A new study by researchers at Cornell University and the University of Chicago finds that when a guy’s female partner gets too chummy with his male buddies, he is more likely to suffer from symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

The phenomenon is called “partner betweenness,” said study authors Benjamin Cornwell and Edward Laumann, which occurs when a woman becomes closer with a man’s confidants than he is himself. About 25% of men in the study said they experienced partner betweenness in at least one of their close confidant relationships. These men were 92% more likely than men who were closer to all their friends than their partners were to suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED).

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