What Does Your Car Say About You?

What does this one say?

(Telegraph) How your car could be giving away clues about your personality

By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent 9:45AM GMT 30 Oct 2011

Your car really does give clues about your personality, according to research by scientists.

Researchers have found that people instinctively attach human personality traits to cars, saying that cars with wide radiator grilles and narrow headlights are dominant and aggressive, while those with large windscreens have childish and happy “faces”.

The findings may provide some insight into why drivers react in different ways to the cars around them and why some vehicles invoke strong reactions.

Specific cars were also singled out having particular traits that relate to personality. The Chrysler Crossfire, BMW 645ci and VW Sharan were rated amongst the angriest cars, while the

Diahatsu Cuore, a small Japanese-built hatchback, was found to be the saddest.

Cars made by German luxury manufacturer Maybach were seen as being the most dominant alongside the BMW 3, BMW 5 and BMW 645ci.

The new Nissan Micra was seen as the most submissive while the Toyota Aygo was the most childish car.

The new style Volkswagen Beetle was the happiest car while the Mercedes E class was viewed as being neurotic by the adults in Ethiopia.

The Vauxhall Astra, however, was seen as being a decidedly average car.

The latest research, which asked adults in Europe and Africa if they attached any emotions, personalities and ages to different cars, found that people assess the shape of cars in the same way they assess other people’s faces.

Cars with slit like headlights, large grilles and wide air intakes were seen as being more mature, masculine and dominant while those with rounder headlines and larger windscreens were seen as being more childish, feminine and submissive.

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