This Optical Illusion Will Blow Your Mind Away

Optical_illusion_3360246b(Telegraph) Do you see it? Optical illusion makes pretty woman appear on blank canvas

An optical illusion makes participants see a woman with brunette hair after simply staring at a person’s nose for 15 seconds

A new optical illusion has surfaced online and it’s much creepier than ‘the dress’.

A negative image of a woman’s face appears on one side of the image and an off-white blank space on the other.

Participants are asked to stare at the white dot on the nose of the woman’s face.

After 15 seconds, onlookers are instructed to glance at the blank space on the right-hand side of the image.

Just for a moment participants will see the disturbing negative transform into a full-colour picture of a pretty, young woman with brown hair.

How does it work?

The optical illusion works by using a technique called ‘negative afterimage’.

The eye’s photoreceptors identify colours and code them in terms our brain can understand.

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