The Only Time Women Go For Softies

Zac Efron would be ideal...

(Telegraph) When the going gets tough, women go for softies

Contrary to popular belief, when a damsel is in distress a macho man just doesn’t cut it, according to new research.

The gentle, effeminate type such as High School Musical’s Zac Efron and Hollywood heart-throb Robert Pattinson are the men for difficult financial straits, new findings suggest, while strong silent types are no longer in favour.

The study was conducted to see whether money and health worries affect the type of woman a man finds attractive.

Sixty five young women were given one of three questionnaires to fill in.

One was designed to make the woman feel worry about her finances, another about her health. A third, neutral questionnaire included questions about belief in the paranormal.

They were then presented with a list of character traits and asked to choose those which belong to their ideal man.

Overall, women put most emphasis on the “good dad” traits, which meant they preferred men who were seen as good providers, gentle and kind.

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