A blink of an eye sometimes makes a world of a difference

Have you ever met a person for the first time, and immediately decided that you did not like them because of a weird vibe you got? You can probably blame microexpressions. These are basically emotions your face displays but are undetectable by your eyes because they sometimes last shorter than an eye blink! These emotions are usually your true, genuine reactions to something. For example, if you see an ugly baby and can’t seem to tell its mother your honest opinions, you will probably lie about your thoughts, but your initial facial reaction- your microexpression- will always tell the truth!

What this means is when you experience or are exposed to something for the first time, your micro-expression will always convey your inner-most emotions. These can be catgeorized into seven different universal emotions: disgust, anger, happiness, fear,  surprise, contempt and sadness. Your micro-expression is involuntary, so it is difficult to fake, especially since they can occur as afst as 1/15 or 1/25 of a second!

Only once you feel some sort of social pressure (or common courtesy) to show otherwise, will you automatically adjust your facial expression. The scary bit about micro-expressions is, while you may not be able to detect the changes on a conscious level, your subconscious may pick up these subtle facial changes. Sometimes, when you find yourself not liking someone, and you don’t necessarily know why, it could be because you subconsciously register hints of these facial changes. You can look out for these if you look carefully though. For example, if a person quickly lifts their upper lip, this is a sign of disgust. Or, for contempt, a sure giveaway is the raising of only one side of the lips. It can be very subtle and even look like just a twitch.

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