Men and Women Really Are Wired Differently

-(Telegraph) Brains of men and women are poles apart

By , Science Correspondent 12:42PM GMT 03 Dec 2013

Differences in the way the brains of men and women are wired helps to explain why men are better at navigating while women can multitask

It is something that men and women have both long suspected – their brains are wired differently.

New research has confirmed that men’s brains appear to be configured to coordinate actions with their senses.

Women’s brains, however, are set up to have better memories, to find multi-tasking easier and to be better at gauging social situations.

The results seem to help shed light on why men are considered better at things like navigating, parking cars and throwing balls while women are credited with being better at multi-tasking, are more intuitive socially, and tend to remember events like anniversaries.

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