Is This The Secret To Willpower?

-(Time) The Real Secret To More Willpower: Be Power Hungry

By  Oct. 16, 2013

The word willpower conjures things like laundry day, drunk texting and chocolate cake.  It is what motivates us to resist what we desire, and to tackle tasks we’d rather avoid, in the name of personal betterment. While the motivations behind washing your clothes or avoiding dessert seem rather clear, a new study found that fuzzier unconscious motivations can steer our actions, and that high-achievers and wannabe bosses may have more capacity to dodge cake, or do pesky chores if there’s a reward at the end.

Those who crave power and leadership roles have more  in the willpower department, according to researchers at the Technical University of Munich whose findings were published recently in the online Journal of Personality. Since  willpower is a finite resource, and easily depleted, the professors asked study subjects to perform two willpower-measuring tasks involving popular films, no prior acting experience required.

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