Is This The Cause Of Conflict?

(Telegraph) Male sex drive ‘to blame for world’s conflicts’

By Nick Collins, Science Correspondent 6:30AM GMT 23 Jan 2012

The male sex drive is to blame for most of the world’s conflicts from football hooliganism to religious disputes and even world wars, according to scientists.

The “male warrior” instinct means that men are programmed to be aggressive towards anyone they view as an outsider, a study claims.

In evolutionary terms an instinct for violence against others helped early men improve their status and gain more access to mates, but in modern terms this can translate into large-scale wars.

In contrast women are naturally equipped with a “tend and befriend” attitude which means they seek to resolve conflicts peacefully in order to protect their children, researchers said.

The study, published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, is a review of evolutionary evidence for the so-called “male warrior hypothesis”.

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