Is Falling In Love The Same As Being Drunk?

do-you-love-me_personalityhacker(Telegraph) Why falling in love is similar to being drunk

By , Science Editor 12:15AM BST 20 May 2015

A new study suggests that the love hormone oxytocin has similar affects to being drunk

Poets, songwriters and authors have written of the intoxicating effect of falling in love.

But a new study suggests that the love hormone oxytocin has similar affects to being drunk, and not just the more pleasant aspects of inebriation.

Researchers found that not only can oxytocin make lovers feel relaxed, happy and more confident, it can also provoke aggression, jealousy and arrogance.

Oxytocin is a hormone produced in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus and plays a significant role in bonding, falling in love and making friendships.

Scientists at the University of Birmingham tested subjects to find out if the effects of drinking alcohol were similar to those of oxytocin, which was administered in a spray.

Dr Ian Mitchell, from the School of Psychology at Birmingham University, said: “We pooled existing research into the effects of both oxytocin and alcohol and were struck by the incredible similarities between the two compounds.”They appear to target different receptors within the brain, but cause common actions.”These neural circuits control how we perceive stress or anxiety, especially in social situations such as interviews, or perhaps even plucking up the courage to ask somebody on a date. Taking compounds such as oxytocin and alcohol can make these situations seem less daunting.”

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