Is A Midlife Crisis Ingrained In Your Genes?

(Telegraph) Apes have midlife crises too

By , Science Correspondent 8:00PM GMT 19 Nov 2012

Apes have midlife crises too, according to a new study which suggests middle-aged men cannot blame their career or family life for motorbike-buying meltdowns.

Human behaviour studies have revealed the well-established trend that our level of happiness declines after childhood until middle age, when we gradually begin to feel more content again.

Now researchers have found that the same “u-shaped” pattern is also seen among chimpanzees and orang-utans, who are most satisfied with life in their earliest and latest years but reach a “nadir” in middle age.

While it may be tempting for balding Ferrari drivers to blame their affliction on the stresses of modern life, their findings suggest that the midlife crisis may be ingrained in our genes.

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