Drawn Together by Vices… Driven Apart by Virtues?

(Telegraph) Vices attract, virtues repel – at least when it comes to genes

People are drawn together by their vices but driven apart by their virtues, researchers discover as they find genetic make-up plays a part in who we choose as friends.

Scientists believe that we partly choose our friends by their genes especially those that have a big impact on our behaviour.

But sometimes it can be a case of “opposites attract” while at the others “birds of a feather flock together”. So while having genes that make you susceptible to heavy drinking may draw you to similar characters, DNA associated with being outgoing are likely to cause a personality clash with those of a similar ilk.

Scientists led by Dr James Fowler, from the University of California at San Diego, used data from two large health studies to search for genetic links to friendship.

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