Does High Social Status Boost Health?

So, high-ranking baboons have stronger immune systems than others?

(Time) Baboon Study Shows Why High Social Status Boosts Health

By MAIA SZALAVITZ@maiaszMay 22, 2012

Ranking high in the social hierarchy is a good predictor of robust health — in both monkeys and humans.

Being at the bottom of the social ladder is generally a predictor of bad health: research shows that poor people die sooner and have more disease than rich people, even when you account for factors like lack of access to health care.

But the data on social hierarchy and health — including studies in primates other than humans — contains a paradox for males: high status is linked with high levels of testosterone, and high testosterone can in turn lower immunity and increase disease risk. So, why is high rank consistently associated with good health? A new study in baboons sheds new light on the connections.

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