Does Breastfeeding Make You More Intelligent?

Rumour has it that Einstein was a breastfed baby...

(Telegraph) Breastfeeding ‘could make boys more intelligent’

Breastfeeding your baby could help them achieve academic success by the age of 10, a study has found.

Researchers found that children who were predominantly breastfed for six months did better in mathematics, reading, writing and spelling. The effect was strongest in boys. It is thought that the bonding between mother and baby fostered during breastfeeding may mean mothers are more attentive and supportive of their children.

Boys are more responsive to maternal attention when learning which could explain why breastfeeding had a greater effect on them, the researchers said. The authors, from University of Western Australia, also suggested that there may be substances in breastmilk that help the brain develop. This effect may be more pronounced in boys because they lack the female hormones which are known to protect the brain.

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