Does A Fertile Woman Affect The Way Men Talk?

Pheromones work… The smell of women in their fertile period makes them more attractive to men!

(Time Healthland) How a Fertile Woman Affects the Way Men Talk

By BONNIE ROCHMAN | @brochman | March 16, 2012

Men who strike up a conversation with a fertile woman are less likely to match her sentence structure. Researchers say it’s an effort to be “non-conforming” in the quest to land a mate.

Women can be a powerful force, capable of making smitten men do all sorts of things, including adjust the way they talk to more closely match a woman’s speech patterns.

Conversation partners aligning the way they speak is often thought to indicate affiliation between two people. Have a chat with someone who curses liberally, for example, and the likelihood is good that you’ll drop a swear word too. While matching linguistic styles is a documented phenomenon, what’s particularly interesting is that new research shows that higher levels of female fertility are linked to lower levels of linguistic matching from male conversation partners.

According to a study published last month in the journal PLoS ONE, researchers interpret this to mean that men are trying to distinguish themselves in the mating process by being unconventional. What’s more, they don’t seem to even realize they ‘re doing it.

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