Does a Fat Face Mean Fat Profits?

(Time Moneyland) Do Fat CEO Faces Equal Fat Profits?


By JOSH SANBURN | @joshsanburn | September 8, 2011 | 1 COMMENT

We generally don’t include the shape of a business exec’s face in our investing advice. But according to a new study, maybe we should.

In the November issue of the journal Psychological Science, a new study suggests that CEOs with wider faces achieve much greater financial performance than CEOs with thinner mugs.

Before you make your own face, there’s some legitimate science behind it. For the last few years, a number of studies have been published showing that greater facial width-to-height ratio (WHR) is associated with more aggressive behavior in men. Hockey players with wider faces spend more time in the penalty box. And men with higher facial width often feel more powerful.

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