Do Men PMS too?

(Yahoo! News) Got controversy? New milk campaign helps men deal with PMS

The true sufferers of premenstrual syndrome? Men, if an ad campaign from the California Milk Processor Board is to be believed.

But help is on the way: The dairy group has a new marketing strategy that slyly suggests men should buy women milk to alleviate monthly symptoms in the women they love. The campaign includes billboards, a website, and radio ads that advise men on how to deal with their hormonally challenged, blame-casting wives and girlfriends. One ad shows a man holding a gallon of milk with the headline: “We can both blame myself.”

The spoof website,, includes a color-coded “current global PMS level,” a “puppy dog-eye-zer” that supposedly gives a guy’s face a look that’s hard to stay mad at, and a “video apology enhancer.” The site also provides an “emergency milk locater,” natch.

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(Evening Standard) Study shows men also suffer from PMS

Stomach cramps, mood swings and hot flushes. Yes, it’s that time of the month again.

But these are symptoms reported by men, not women. New research suggests men suffer from pre-menstrual-style symptoms, in some cases as badly as women.

The news is bound to be greeted with snorts of cynicism by most females.

But the study published today shows that the majority of men claim to suffer from a range of symptoms most usually associated with pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).

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