Do High Levels of Stress Hormones Make You Less Attractive to Men?

(Telegraph) Stressful jobs could leave women unlucky in love

Women with high-pressure jobs could struggle to find a partner, a study suggests, as high levels of a stress hormone make them less attractive to men.

By , Science Correspondent 7:02AM BST 22 May 2013

Researchers found that women who have higher levels of cortisol are rated as having less attractive faces by men than their more relaxed counterparts.

It could be bad news for those who hold stressful positions and are looking to find love.

The affect is thought to occur because faces carry strong signals about a person’s health and fertility. Those who have high stress levels are generally less healthy.

However, the researchers did find that the strength of a woman’s immune system did not affect her attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Previous studies in men have shown they are deemed to be more attractive if they have low stress levels and have strong immune systems.

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