Can Your Partner’s Voice Be A Clue to Cheating?

-(Time) Can Your Mate’s Voice Be a Clue to Potential Cheating?

By  @brochmanMarch 07, 2011

We here at Healthland are not trying to cast aspersions on your partner, but if he’s got a really low voice or hers is particularly high-pitched, you might intuitively suspect they’re more likely to cheat on you. And you may be right.

A new study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology links voice pitch with perceived unfaithfulness, bolstering previous research that has shown men with lower-pitched voices have more sexual partners — and more babies. (More on Time.comFive Reasons to Get (or Stay) Married This Year)

The research indicates that people may rely on voice pitch as a means of determining who may be likely to stray. “From an evolutionary perspective, if this perception did not benefit our ancestors by helping them choose better mates, then we would not expect it to persist,” says Jillian O’Connor, a graduate student in the department of psychology, neuroscience and behavior at McMaster University in Ontario and lead author of the study.

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