Can Surgery Cure Depression?

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(Telegraph) British woman ‘cured’ of deep depression by pioneering surgery

A British nurse who had a long battle with depression has become the first person in the world to benefit from life-changing neurosurgery.

Sheila Cook, 62, suffered for more than a decade with debilitating depression which left her suicidal and often unable to feed or clothe herself. She was forced to retire from her job and her husband, a physics researcher, had to give up work to become her full time carer.

But now the grandmother is beginning to enjoy life again after pioneering treatment was offered to her in Bristol. The treatment accurately targets brain networks involved in depression.

Mrs Cook – whose illness had stopped responding to conventional treatments such as antidepressants – was offered deep brain stimulation (DBS) in the first trial in the world that stimulates two different parts of the brain.

Although DBS provided some temporary response, she relapsed and went on to be the first to have further advanced neurosurgery called an “Anterior Cingulotomy”, which was carried out in early 2010. Since having the treatments Mrs Cook says her life has changed and she feels happy for the first time in 10 years.

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