Can Plastic Surgery Make You More Successful?

(Telegraph) How a face-lift can aid success (and even help you escape a speeding ticket)

When Sarah Parish, the actress, recently admitted to undergoing a non-surgical face-lift to boost her career, she raised eyebrows.

But a new study suggests that women who embark on cosmetic procedures to look younger and more attractive really do help themselves become more successful.

Researchers asked hundreds of people to rate women before and after face-lifts. They found that a nip-and-tuck wiped an average of four years off their age, increased attractiveness by 18 per cent and made them appear 16 per cent healthier.

The women also appeared 10 per cent more successful after the operation.

The researchers from Johns Hopkins University say that cosmetic interventions which lift the features to improve appearance may produce a ‘halo effect’ – a phenomenon whereby people automatically view those who are more attractive as virtuous, trustworthy and happier.

They could even help people avoid a speeding ticket, as researchers say the halo effect often results in ‘judicial leniancy.’

“Our results reveal that patients after face-lift surgery have improved attractiveness and perceived success,” said lead author Dr Lisa Ishii, and assistant professor of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

“Individuals considered more attractive experience what is often described as a halo effect.

“Attractive individuals are assumed to possess more socially desirable personalities, live happier lives, and experience more success compared with less attractive individuals.

“Furthermore, individuals perceived as more attractive are more likely to be hired for a job, receive judicial leniency, and be elected as political candidates.

“Although preliminary, these findings suggest that the overall effect of face-lift surgery has the potential to improve perceptions across many aspects in social interaction with a conceivable effect on occupational outcomes.”

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