Can Easy Pronunciation Make You More Popular?


(Telegraph) Having an easy-to-say name ‘will help you get promoted’

By Andrew Hough 3:00PM GMT 09 Feb 2012

People with simple names enjoy quicker career advancement because hard-to-pronounce names inspire negative reactions from superiors, a study has found.

Researchers found that a ‘name pronunciation effect’ played a major role in how people were perceived by colleagues and friends.

The team of American and Australian scientists concluded that the easier a person’s name was to say, the better their success was in the workplace and the quicker they were promoted.

Their study, published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, also found a simple name improved people’s ability to make new friends.

Dr Simon Laham, from Melbourne University, who led the study, said people with simple names were generally judged more positively.

“The effect is not due merely to the length of a name or how foreign-sounding or unusual it is, but rather how easy it is to pronounce,” he said.

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