Being Bossy Pays

(Telegraph) Bossiness is the key to leadership, geese study finds

Have you ever suspected that bossy people get to become leaders simply by being bossy, rather than because they actually know best?

Well now a study of North Atlantic barnacle geese appears to back up the theory. It found that when a “bold” goose was put in a labyrinth with another that knew the way, which was neither assertive or shy, it tended to make its own way – even though it did not have a clue where it was going.

When the bossy goose picked the wrong route, a dead-end, the bird that knew the way out would follow on a third of occasions anyway.

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Whether or not one knows what they are doing… being bossy pays. Does this resonate with any high school memories? Sometimes the bossy kid really didn’t know any better… and you wondered why all the cool kids were too weak to otherwise stand up. Are bossy people bossy because they are hiding an insecurity? Club bouncers get a power trip thrill over turning away people at the door because it’s probably the only time during their day they get any real authority. Or, are bossy people bossy because those around them are just too weak-willed?

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