Are You What Your Father… Ate?

Did Michael's genes have anything to do with his son's habits?

(Telegraph) We are what our father ate – before we were born

You are what your father eats, according to new research, which shows that his diet while growing up can affect your future health.

Researchers have discovered that a father’s lifestyle can be passed down to his children because it “reprogrammes” his genes. The study shows the hereditary effects of a process called “epigenetics” which is how our environment and lifestyle can permanently alter our genes as we grow up. These altered genes can then be passed on to children.

Scientists specifically looked at the effects of paternal diet – finding whether it alters the risk of children developing complex diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Dr Oliver Rando, at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, said his research could help identify individuals at high risk of illness such as heart disease and diabetes.

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