Are Powerful Women Just as Likely to Have Affairs?

Or, as Chris Rock put it, "You're only as faithful as your options."

(Telegraph) Powerful women ‘will have affairs just like men’

Women in positions of power are just as likely as their male counterparts to be unfaithful because confidence is a bigger factor in adultery than gender, a scientific study has found.

Both men and women in powerful positions were more likely to stray than their junior colleagues because they had high self–esteem, according to the research.

Researchers at Tilburg University in Holland, led by Dr Joris Lammers, a psychologist, found that, contrary to popular perceptions, women with powerful jobs were just as likely to stray sexually as men.

“There’s been a lot of research indicating gender is the key factor but none of these studies have been done on powerful women,” Dr Lammers said.

“As more and more women are in greater positions of power and are considered equal to men, then familiar assumptions about their behaviour may also change. This may lead to increased negative behaviours among women that in the past have been more common among men,” he said.

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