Are Men Less Likely To React To Emotional Images, And Forget Them Much Quicker?

mars-venus(Telegraph) Is this proof that male and female brains really are wired differently?

By Telegraph Men

10:30AM GMT 21 Jan 2015

Study finds that men are less likely to react to emotional images, and forget them much quicker than women

The oft-repeated mantra that men are from Mars and women are from Venus has been lent credence by a major new study, which claims to show that the two genders process emotion differently.

Not only do men rate ’emotional pictures’ as less ’emotionally stimulating’ than women, but they also struggle to remember the images with the same clarity as women afterwards.

The discrepancies can be linked to the different ways that men’s and women’s brains appear to deal with information.

Researchers from the University of Basel showed men and women pictures of positive, negative and neutral emotional content, and asked them to rate their response.

While there was no difference in reaction to the neutral images, the researchers found that women were more likely to be moved by the positive and negative pictures.

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