Are Marriages Stronger When One Spouse Is Dominant?

Wedding_rings(Telegraph) Are marriages stronger when one spouse is dominant?

By Roger Dobson 7:00PM GMT 07 Feb 2015

Researchers claim married couples are more likely to have a stable relationship when either the husband or wife asserts dominance

Having a dominant spouse in a marriage may give the partnership greater stability and lead to more children, researchers claim.

A study found that relationships where either partner is more dominant may be more effective than those where there is equality.

Couples where one was more dominant had more children than those where there was equality, and researchers say improved co-operation is likely to be responsible for the trend.

According to the report, “Why do some women prefer submissive men?” published in Neuroendocrinology Letters, women were dominant in almost a quarter of relationships.

“Too often, we are told to view even mild dominance and submissiveness as a problem,’’ says Dr Eva Jozifkova who led the research.

“In the light of these results, both excessive pressures towards equality in some modern societies, and pressures towards male dominance in some traditional societies, represent a form of oppression.’’

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