Are Humble People More Helpful?

(Time Healthland) Humble People Are More Helpful

By ALICE PARK@aliceparkny | January 2, 2012 |

Helping others means sacrificing your time and energy. But if you’re humble, you don’t mind.

If a stranger asked for your help, how likely are you to jump in, regardless of how busy you are or how much your Good Samaritan act will interrupt your day?

Turns out that if you’re a humble person, you’re more likely to help. In the latest research on helping behavior, scientists found that humility is a major factor in determining whether you go out of your way to come to the aid of others, regardless of time and social pressures.

That might not seem so surprising — after all, humble people are not egotistical or selfish, and therefore might be more inclined to pitch in. But humility is one of the first personality traits to be linked to helping behavior, and that’s significant because personality traits are broad and far-reaching contributors to behavior, and tend to take precedence over other factors, such as time and social pressures. If you’re late for work and you drive pass an elderly person on the side of the road with a flat tire, you’re not likely to stop and help, for example. Previous studies have found that another personality, agreeableness, may also contribute to Good Samaritan acts, but in the new study, humility appears to have a stronger influence on helping behavior.

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