Are Beautiful People More Politically Extreme?

Beauty is often defined as symmetry

Beauty is often defined as symmetry.

Good looking people tend to earn more money than others. It is an unfair, aesthetically-driven world. But here is the flipside to good looks: beautiful people tend to be more politically extreme than others.

As a good looking person, you will grow up with a certain degree of bargaining power. This means that, especially for women, getting what you want because you can bat your eyelids well. Being beautiful will disillusion women into a sense of entitlement: “I am good looking, therefore I can marry well, therefore I should be happy in life.” So, it’s not the disadvantaged and poor that are easily angered if they don’t get their own way, it’s the entitled, beautiful ones.

For men, it is not necessarily the pretty ones, but the strong ones.  A man’s strength and a woman’s self-rated beauty correlate with their sense of their entitlement- the stronger you are, or the prettier you are, the more entitled you will feel. Those used to getting what they want, either by using their beauty or strength, will get angry if they don’t and anger becomes an evolved bargaining tactic. You may flare your nostrils as a sign of this anger, and your opponent will recalculate.

So why are your high school cheerleaders and jocks more politically conservative? Beauty and strength will trickle down: you are a strong man… you will feel more entitled to getting your way… you are more prone to getting angry if you don’t get your way…  Men will want to go to war because they will expect to battle themselves and win! And the women- the fair maidens- will feel the spoils of victory are their’s to be enjoyed!

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