Are Alpha Males More Stressed?

(Guardian) What about alpha females? Meet Christine Lagarde, the first woman to take the helm of the IMF. Is she possibly the "world's sexiest woman (and the most powerful)?" Click on the photo to read more.

(Telegraph) Alpha males are more stressed out than their lowly counterparts

Alpha males may look like they are in control but underneath they are stressed out, a study has found.

Researchers found that while they get the pick of the girls, the money and the power they pay a heavy price for their dominance.

Maintaining a lofty position in the social hierarchy causes your stress levels to rocket, it was discovered. Researchers believe that its so tough at the top because of the effort required to stay there and not the weight of responsibility.

The study, by Princeton University and published in the journal Science, looked at baboons but the team believes that the insights could also reflect on human societies.

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