Theresa May Wore Bracelet Decorated With Renowned Communist Frida Kahlo

(Independent) Theresa May attacked for wearing bracelet decorated with renowned communist Frida Kahlo

Maya Oppenheim @mayaoppenheim 

‘Why is Theresa May wearing a bracelet with everyone’s favourite Marxist artist for her speech? Seems somewhat off-brand,’ says critic

It would be fair to say Theresa May and Frida Kahlo occupy opposing ideological positions. While Theresa May is the leader of the Conservative Party, Kahlo was a fervent communist.

But this stark political dissonance did not stop the British Prime Minister from choosing to wear a gigantic Frida Kahlo bracelet to her crucial Conservative Party conference speech on Wednesday.

Nevertheless, viewers were quick to point out the irony in Ms May endorsing the radical Mexican painter who had an affair with Soviet politician and Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky.

Critics on social media argued the artist, who used her work to explore questions of postcolonialism, gender, class, and race in Mexican society, would have spurned the British PM if she was alive.

Others quipped that Ms May’s drawn-out bout of coughing, which saw the world leader forced to apologise after losing her voice, was the result of her Kahlo bracelet.  

“Theresa May wears a bracelet of Marxist political icon Frida Kahlo and she nearly chokes to death. Coincidence? I think nat,” joked Twitter user, Frankie Leach.

“Theresa May wearing Frida Kahlo bracelet – a disabled bisexual woman of colour and a Communist to boot. Sure they would have got along!” said another.

“Theresa-May-wearing-frida-bracelet is the smoothest distillation of the phenomenon that gave us ‘Thatcher was a feminist icon’ bulls***,” said another.

“Why is Theresa May wearing a bracelet with Frida Kahlo, everyone’s favourite Marxist artist, for her speech? Seems somewhat off-brand,” questioned one more.

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