Princess Diana Used Honeymoon To ‘Catch Up On Sleep’

(Telegraph) Princess Diana used honeymoon to ‘catch up on sleep’ rare letters reveal 

It was a marriage doomed from the start as letters sent by Princess Diana reveal she spent her honeymoon “catching up on sleep”.

In a rare insight into Prince Charles’s marriage to Diana it appears the spark disappeared early on according to a letter sent by his former wife on their honeymoon to her lady-in-waiting.

Written on Royal Yacht Britannia crested paper and dated August 15, 1981, she wrote: “The honeymoon was a perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep….”

The couple married at St Paul’s Cathedral in July 1981, before separating 11 years later in 1992 and finally divorcing in 1996.

The letter is included in a rare batch of correspondence between Diana and the Royal household which is set to be auctioned in Gloucestershire next month.

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