george-clooney(Daily Mail) Are hipster beards unhygienic? Facial hair is riddled with bacteria which may spread germs and trigger infections, experts claim

  • Studies have found beards harbour more bacteria than clean-shaven faces
  • Research shows even after washing, beards contain thousands of germs
  • Some experts say this leads to skin infections and the spread of bugs
  • Others say bacteria on the face is normal and beards pose no health risk 

From a spattering of stubble to a bristly bush, facial hair has become the must-have fashion accessory for men.

Robert Pattison sported a thick mane at the premier of his latest film, while Ben Affleck said his stubble was his ‘good luck’ charm for the Oscars.

But some experts have warned that beards are nothing more than a ‘bacterial sponge’, riddled with thousands of bacteria – and a perfect way to pass on germs.

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