USA/(Telegraph) Buzz Aldrin’s $33.31 in expenses for ‘business trip’ to Moon published

Astronaut reveals the detailed expenses forms he received from Nasa

A Travel Voucher Memorandum detailed in very matter-of-fact terms the “schedule of expenses and amounts claimed” for a work trip by employee Colonel Edwin E. Aldrin in July 1969.

It showed that he had travelled on business from his home in Houston, Texas to the moon and back again.

According to the form Mr Aldrin used “Gov. Air” to get from Houston to Cape Kennedy.

He then used “Gov. Spacecraft” to get from Cape Kennedy to “Moon”.

There was another return flight on “Gov. Spacecraft” and the destination was listed as “Pacific Ocean” where he and fellow astronauts Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins splashed down following their triumphant mission.

Mr Aldrin’s expenses form showed that “Government meals and quarters [were] furnished for all the above dates”.

The form did not specify on what the $33.31 out-of-pocket reimbursement from Nasa had been spent.

But it was believed to have included use of a car – his own or a rental – as the astronaut travelled between airports on his way to the launch at Cape Kennedy.

Mr Aldrin, 85, called the expenses form his “travel voucher to the moon” and said it was his manager Christina Korp’s favourite piece of all his lunar memorabilia.

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