About Us

shereenImagine the world was your oyster, and you could choose anyone to have dinner with… Bill Gates? Marilyn Monroe? Your mother? Who would you choose?

Chances are your choices would reflect personalities who you think are interesting… People who you think would make for good dinner guests.

adinnerguest.com is a website aimed at making you that person others choose… Why? Because being a good dinner guest means you have something to say, and others want to hear it. This website will make you that person in two ways.

First, 60 Minutes will arm you with all sorts of dinner conversation topics. The intention is in the title- each time this section will aim to give you an overview of quirky and interesting issues, whether current or timeless.

Second, Tricks of the Mind will teach you all sorts of psychological phenomenon giving you a private eye into decoding other people’s behavior. Inspired by Derren Brown, ultimately, we are all strangers to ourselves, and your brain is a dinner guest you need to get comfortable with.

By bringing to the table good conversation, and by being aware of human behavioural queues… you will, in turn, become a good dinner guest… better yet, dinner royalty.

Enjoy the rest of the site with Video Corner, Talking Pictures and Did You Know which are just there for some plain old fun, or quirky facts!

ADG greatly welcomes any contributions. If you have anything interesting to share, please email us!