Why Is the World Becoming More Spiritual?

At a time when predictions were that the world would become more secular... is it more religious than ever?

(Telegraph) ‘Believers’ gene’ will spread religion , says academic

Religion and spiritualism may grow because religious people will spread a ‘believers’ gene’ among the population at large, according to a Cambridge academic.

Robert Rowthorn, an economics professor at Cambridge University, said studies showed that more religious people tended to have more children. This, coupled with the existence of a genetic predisposition in some towards belief, led him to speculate that religion could spread.

Writing in the journal Proceedings of the The Royal Society B, he cited a worldwide study showing that the more religious had more children. The World Values Survey, which covered 82 nations from 1981 to 2004, found that adults who attended religious services more than once a week had 2.5 children on average; while those who went once a month had two; and those who never attended had 1.67.

Prof Rowthorn wrote: “The more devout people are, the more children they are likely to have.”

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