Why Is The Island of Montecristo Being Bombed With Poison?

(Telegraph) Island of Montecristo to be bombed with poison after rat infestation

By Nick Squires, Rome 7:59PM GMT 15 Jan 2012

It was immortalised by the novelist Alexandre Dumas as the location for a stash of buried treasure, but the tiny Italian island of Montecristo is now struggling with a rather less romantic reality – a plague of black rats.

The uninhabited island, a protected nature reserve lying between the coast of Tuscany and Corsica, has been invaded by thousands of black rats.

The rodents are believed to have arrived on the four-square-mile island as stowaways on boats a few years ago but have now multiplied.

Authorities are planning to use aircraft to bombard the island with poison pellets in a bid to tackle the infestation.

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