Why Don’t We React to Plastic Surgery Anymore?

Jocelyn Wildenstein... the woman who wanted to be a cat.

(Guardian) Has plastic surgery reached a new tipping point?

Celebrities don’t make headlines by going under the knife these days.

There was a time when the mere act of going under the knife meant a celebrity would make the headlines. Fast forward to 2010 and no one’s batting a Botoxed eyelid as plastic surgery becomes the norm.

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How is it that we are no longer fazed by plastic surgery? We see so much of it today, a nose job has become standard. Botox is just status quo. While the cat woman could make your eyes sore… others have had it perfected to such levels, we no can no longer even tell what has been done. Like Charlize Theron. 

When did it become so acceptable to change your face in the name of beauty, vanity, weird obsessions to look like feline animals, boredom? Surely some work is ok (and even encouraged in some cases), but when did perfection become the norm?

Maybe plastic surgery has reached its tipping point: this previously rare phenomenon is rapidly and dramatically becoming too common. Women around the world are constantly comparing themselves to celebrities, people whose faces are their livelihoods. They are also becoming paranoid with growing old. This combination is driving the plastic surgery industry. The effects then trickle down; no woman wants to be left behind- what if a prettier finds a better husband?

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