What do “Occupy”, “Arab Spring” and “Steve Jobs” Have in Common?

(Telegraph) Top 10 lists: most commonly used words names and phrases in the past decade

1:37PM GMT 10 Nov 2011

“Occupy”, “Arab Spring” and “Steve Jobs” were the most commonly used words, phrases and names in English speaking media internet n the past year, a study has found.

Here are the winners of previous years, compiled by Global Language Monitor:


Top Words: No. 1 Spillcam, No. 2 Vuvuzela, No. 3 The Narrative

Top Phrases: No. 1 Anger and Rage, No. 2 Climate Change, No. 3 The Great Recession

Top Names: No. 1 Hu Jintao, paramount leader of China, No. 2 iPad, No. 3 Barack Obama


Top Words: No. 1 Twitter, No. 2 Obama-, No. 3 H1N1

Top Phrases: No. 1 King of Pop, No. 2 Obama-mania, No. 3 Climate Change

Top Names: No. 1 Obama, No. 2 Michael Jackson, No. 3 Mobama

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