Britain’s First Case Of Deliberate HIV Transmission

(Buzzfeed) This Is What It’s Like To Be One Of The Men Infected By HIV In Britain’s First Case Of Deliberate Transmission

Daryll Rowe, 27, has become the first person in the UK to be found guilty of deliberately infecting people with HIV. One of the men infected told BuzzFeed News how Rowe taunted him.

After a six-week trial and a two-year police investigation, Daryll Jack Thomas Rowe, 27, today became the first man in Britain to be found guilty of intentionally infecting others with HIV.

The jury found Rowe guilty of five counts of grievous bodily harm for infecting five men, and also guilty of five further counts of attempted GBH for intending unsuccessfully to infect five more.

Other people have previously been found guilty of recklessly transmitting the virus. But this time the prosecution proved intent. This is a case like no other.

A year and a half before the trial, one of Rowe’s victims approached BuzzFeed News – the first to speak out.

He also went to the police.

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