The Tiger Woods Effect

So Tiger is a role model now?

(ABC News) Tiger Woods Effect: More Sex Addicts Seek Help


Nov. 29, 2010


In the year since golfer Tiger Woods checked into a Mississippi sex rehabilitation clinic, the number of those seeking treatment has jumped by 50 percent, according to Robert Weiss, founding director of the Sexual Recovery Institute in Los Angeles, which opened in 1995. The month after Woods went into rehab, the Sexual Recovery Institute began offering information sessions that have been drawing 35 to 50 people a week. Its Web site has had 13,000 hits in the last 30 days.

I don’t think it’s accidental,” said Weiss. “Even those who don’t ask for help are looking for information.”

There has been disagreement in the scientific community over whether people can be addicted to sex in the same way as drugs or alcohol. Two characteristics of substance abuse are building up a tolerance over time and going through withdrawal when deprived.

The American Psychiatric Association does not even include sex addiction in its Diagnostics Standards Manual IV, although it is under review for the next edition.

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