The New Gay Coffin

So this one is too... "straight"?

(Reuters) Undertakers offer coffins for gay market

Two undertakers in the northwestern German city of Cologne are trying to tap into the gay market by selling coffins adorned with images of male nudes

The prize piece in their display window is a coffin decorated with images of mostly naked, muscular young men in athletic poses inspired by Italian Renaissance paintings.

“We believe you should be able to have a coffin that lets you embark on your last journey in a way that reflects how you lived your life,” undertaker Thomas Brandl told Reuters on Thursday.

The unconventional coffin, which costs 1,650 euros ($2,300), has aroused fascination among customers, said Brandl: “People are really interested because it’s so unique. Reactions have been very positive so far.” Brandl, 32, and his 34-year-old business partner Michael Koenigsfeld, said they had branched out into the gay market in order to satisfy the increasing number of special requests they received.

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Niche market for everything? There’s always a way to make money…

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