The Man Who Makes A 6 Figure Salary, And Also Decided To Become A Professional Dumpster Diver

ff_dumpsterdiver_1_h-660x988(Yahoo) IT Worker’s Dumpster Diving Hobby Brings $2,500 a Night

Eric Pfeiffer 

One man’s trash may be another man’s treasure, but that holds true for Matt Malone much more than most people.

Malone has taken the familiar saying to new heights by earning thousands of dollars sifting through dumpsters near major retail giants like Walmart

In an extensive profile piece in Wired, Malone reveals how he spends much of his free time rummaging through retailer dumpsters around Austin, Texas, and regularly coming up with pristine products he then resells for a hefty profit.

And it’s all entirely legal. At least if you follow the rules, which basically comes down to not dumpster diving in areas clearly marked as private property or otherwise restricted areas.

Malone, 37, already has a full-time career and six-figure salary as an IT security specialist but estimates that if he pursued a full-time professional dumpster diving career he’d make $600,000 per year.

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