Occupy Wall Street Goes Global

In New York...

In Spain...

In Rome...

(Mail Online) Occupy the world: Rome burns as Wall St protests spread over globe and dozens are held as thousands march on Times Square in New York

Last updated at 4:27 AM on 16th October 2011

More than 950 demonstrations held in more than 80 countries around world

Violence erupts in Rome as Occupy Wall Street protests spread

60,000 people protest in Madrid’s central square

76 arrests as thousands march through New York to Times Square

20 arrested at Citibank branch in Manhattan after filled by demonstrators

Former NYC mayor Giuliani says he would stopped protesters sleeping on street

More than 70 people were arrested in New York’s Times Square as protesters jostled with police on Saturday after thousands marched from the city’s Financial District to midtown Manhattan.

The protesters swamped the iconic square, stopping traffic in one of the largest demonstrations yet from the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The arrests marred what police said was a largely orderly march, one day after the privately-owned Zuccotti Park’s landlord backed down from an attempt to move the demonstration.

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