Mark Zuckerberg Wears This Gray T-Shirt Everywhere

(Time) Mark Zuckerberg’s Favorite Shirt: Proof That The Facebook CEO Wears This Gray T-Shirt Everywhere

By  May 17, 2013

With Facebook‘s stock down 29% from its IPO price a year ago, it’s clear CEO Mark Zuckerberg needs to change something. He could start with his wardrobe. Just as Steve Jobs famously favored black turtlenecks, Zuckerberg is known for donning dark-colored hoodies and gray-t-shirts over jeans, even at important events like his own company’s initial public offering.

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While Wall Street suits panned his casual attire as “a mark of immaturity,” it’s become his signature look — and certainly nothing he’s embarrassed about. In one of his first TV interviews after the IPO, Zuckerberg told the TODAY Show’s Matt Lauer, ”I wear the same thing every day… My drawer is about 20 of these gray t-shirts.” He’s so busy that wearing the same clothes every day just gives him “one less thing to think about,” he explained to Facebook interns in summer 2011.


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