Lady Wins £1.3m From Her Parents After Being Made To Milk Cows While Her Sisters Partied

eirian-davies_3211800b(Telegraph) ‘Cowshed Cinderella’ wins £1.3m from her parents after being made to milk cows while her sisters partied

Eirian Davies, 45, is awarded compensation by the High Court in Cardiff after her parents made her stay at home at their dairy farm for 30 years

Eirian Davies, 45, missed out her going to Young Farmers’ dances with her sisters as she stayed at home to look after the cows on the family dairy farm.

The hard-working daughter was assured by her parents that she would ultimately take over the thriving farm and its pedigree milking herd after working for years for free.

But when a family row broke out they began proceedings to evict her – and she then launched a legal campaign for her “rightful share” of the farm in the Welsh countryside.

Miss Davies won the case against parents, Tegwyn, 75, and Mary, 76, and was awarded £1.3million in compensation by the High Court in Cardiff.

Her parents had promised her that her patience and hard work would be rewarded with the entire farm and pedigree dairy herd when they retired.

Miss Davies said: “They always told me that the farm would be left to me.

“Even on my birthday, when the other girls were having things, they would say: ‘You will have the damn lot one day, it will all be yours’.”

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