Is the Moon Landing One Great Hoax?

How come there's footage of the astronauts leaving the moon? Who filmed that?

(Independent) The Apollo hoax theories

It is 40 years since the drama of the Apollo 13 mission turned an aborted mission to the moon from potential disaster into a celebrated recovery. But doubts still linger about the moon landings. 9/11 and Kennedy aside, no event in world history has generated quite so many conspiracy theories than the Apollo moon landings. Do they stand up? Here are the best reasons why it couldn’t have happened, and the rebuttals. Of course, you may disagree.

1- Where are the stars?

The pictures taken from the surface of the moon show a black sky, but space is full of stars. Where are they?

The stars are there, they are just too faint. The lunar landscape is lit by the sun and you’re taking pictures of a man in a white (space) suit. So you set a fast aperture speed on your camera, and hence the distant stars are too faint to be seen.

2- The fluttering flag

Why does the US flag planted appear to be fluttering in a breeze when the astronauts are in a vacuum?

The flag had a pole inserted across the top so that it would look right in the photographs. The astronauts didn’t extend the pole fully and the flag was left with a crease in it.

3- The Van Allen belt

Why weren’t the astronauts killed by the radiation from the magnetic fields around the earth?

The radiation in the Van Allen belts is strong enough to kill, only if you linger. The astronauts were through in around an hour – about the same level of radiation as an x-ray.

4- The shadows

The shadows may fall differently to how we expect, but this is not our planet – things will be different there. The moon’s surface casts undulates and creates strange effect, but importantly there is only ever one shadow, which indicates on elight source – the sun.

Some suggest that the shadows are not parallel, which would indicate that there is more than one light source.

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