Is a £4bn Blackmail Enough to Keep Europe Muslim-free?

You have got to love this man... if not for his impeccable dress sense then for his brutal honesty...

Gaddafi demands £4 billion from EU or Europe will turn ‘black’.

Muammar Gaddafi has demanded that the European Union give him more than £4 billion to fight illegal immigration or else Europe will turn “black” and be swamped by Muslims.

During an EU-Africa summit, that ended on Tuesday in Tripoli, the Libyan leader described European’s economic relationship with the African continent as a “failure”. Unless “Christian, white” countries gave him extra funding, Colonel Gaddafi predicted that Europe would be flooded with illegal immigrants leaving impoverished Africa. “We should stop this illegal immigration. If we don’t, Europe will become black, it will be overcome by people with different religions, it will change,” he said.

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Is $4bn the price to pay to keep Europe white? Gaddafi’s ultimatum puts on the table a serious issue that could very well threaten Africa. On a side note, he made no reference to the Wikileaks publication of a confidential American communication detailing his need to always travel with his “with his senior Ukrainian nurse” and his love of “flamenco dancing.”

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