Furious Husband Builds Electric Chair To Kill Wife

Then there is the case of Shrien Dewani, A British businessman accused of arranging for his wife to be killed while they honeymooned in South Africa had previously said he "needed to find a way out" of the marriage, a court heard.

(Telegraph) Jilted husband built electric chair in garage in attempt to kill wife

A jilted husband built an electric chair in his garage in an attempt to kill his wife after she shocked him by asking for a divorce.

Andrew Castle, 61, was so furious at the crumbling of his 18 year marriage he planned to rig a metal armchair to the mains – and invited wife Margaret in ”for a chat.”

Castle asked unwitting Margaret to sit in the chair so he could knock her her out with a cosh and throw on the switch.

But Margaret, 61, got up out of the seat and the couple then got caught up in a violent struggle. Castle landed several blows on his wife’s head with the rubber cosh but she escaped through a side door.

The fight then carried on outside their £110,000 seaside bungalow in Knott End-on-Sea in Poulton-Le-Fylde, Lancs, before a passer-by intervened and called police.

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